2018 NGS Conference Video – Don’t Miss It!

January 28th, 2018 by National Genealogical Society Blog Editor

Did you know that much of the lumber to rebuild Chicago after the fire of 1871 came from western Michigan? You do if you’ve watched the 2018 NGS Conference video on the front page of the Conference website.

The Conference video presents a broad overview of some of the reasons people from all over the country and internationally came to western Michigan and surrounding areas after the end of Civil War. Waterways to move goods and people, rich farmland, and abundant natural resources were irresistible magnets for those coming west. Rich imagery in the video from the Michigan Archives and other collections capture families in search of new opportunities and a better life.  The last part of the video shows present day images of Grand Rapids, a clean, modern city always moving forward.

Past NGS Conference images are also present, including one shot of a woman who apparently made an unexpected and emotional discovery – it’s a wonderful reminder of why we do this and that our next “ah-ha” moment may be just waiting for us to find it.

The video, only 3 minutes, 31 seconds in duration can be viewed from the front page of the NGS 2018 Conference website. Be sure and check it out HERE! The video is halfway down the page below “Registration and Key Dates.”