2023 Speaker Spotlight—Diane L. Richard

February 21st, 2023 by Teresa Kelley


Diane L. Richard has been doing genealogy research since 1987 and, since 2004, she has professionally focused on the records of North Carolina and southern states. She regularly contributes to Internet Genealogy and has authored over 500 articles on genealogy topics. Since 2016 she has been the editor of the North Carolina Genealogical Society (NCGS) Journal

As a speaker, she has delivered webinars and in-person talks about the availability and richness of records documenting southerners; pursuing formerly enslaved ancestors and their descendants; genealogical research tips, techniques, tools and strategies; under-utilized resource collections (online and on-the-ground); and much more.

She is a board member of NC Historical Records Online (NCHRO), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing public access to high-quality images of original records and other related information useful to researching North Carolina history and genealogy.

Session Number: F218
Title: Scholarly Resources/Platforms Invaluable to Genealogists – Expand Your Research
Whether it’s digitized books, scholarly articles, theses/dissertations, datasets, digitized material from university archives, or more, we benefit from the “deep dives” done by non-genealogists into topics relevant to our research.  Sometimes we (1) learn important contextual information to help us “find” the information we seek and better interpret our discoveries, (2) discover new-to-us resources to explore, or (3) uncover information about our ancestors collected as part of a study on a locale, industry, religious affiliation, etc.

We’ll explore almost thirty platforms/resources (with examples from the US, Canada, and the UK) that we frequently ignore as non-genealogical and heavy into history and social science.  We should “take advantage” of this FREE bounty available to us at our fingertips. We’ll discuss some of the types of information available and how it can benefit our family history research. The majority of these have broad relevance and are applicable to most genealogists.

Registration is now open at https://grip.ngsgenealogy.org/.