Asian American and Pacific Islander Tracks 2022

March 8th, 2022 by Roger Prince

Asian American and Pacific Islander Genealogy

There are 14 lectures in the Chinese American and Asian and Pacific Islander tracks. 

Wed 25 May 11:30 AM Researching Recent Immigrant Ancestors in Regional Repositories Michael D. Lacopo, DVM
Wed 25 May 2:30 PM USCIS Genealogy Program:  Certificate Files (C-Files) Rich Venezia
Thu 26 May 11:00 AM Angel Island’s Immigrants from More Than Eighty Countries and the Records They Left Behind Grant Din
Thu 26 May 2:30 PM Three Chinese Women in America:  Following the Paper Trail Carly Lane Morgan, JD
Thu 26 May 4:00 PM Carved in Stone–Interpreting information on Chinese Gravestones Eric Leach
Fri 27 May 8:00 AM Chinese Railroad Workers’ Files from the Mid-Nineteenth Century Grant Din
Fri 27 May 9:30 AM Tracing your Chinese Roots Eric Leach
Fri 27 May 11:00 AM Researching Chinese American Family History Using Chinese Exclusions Records (Part I) Trish Nicola & Marisa Lee
Fri 27 May 2:30 PM Researching Chinese American Family History Using Chinese Exclusions Records (Part II) Trish Nicola & Marisa Lee
Sat 28 May 8:00 AM Filipino Genealogy: A Beginner’s Guide for Today’s Researcher Amy Carpenter
Sat 28 May 9:30 AM Researching Japanese Americans Linda Harms Okazaki
Sat 28 May 11:00 AM Japanese American Internment During World War II Kathleen Moehl, CG
Sat 28 May 2:30 PM Immigrant Sugar Plantation Workers in Hawaii:  A Multi-ethnic Approach to Genealogy Cindy Thomson
Sat 28 May 4:00 PM Reconstructing a Japanese American Family Through Documents–A Case Study Linda Harms Okazaki


L. to R. Amy Carpenter, Grant Din, Michael Lacopo, and Eric Leach

L. to R. Marisa Louie Lee, Kathy Moehl, Carly Morgan, and Trish Nicola

L. to R. Linda Okazaki, Cindy Thomson, and Rich Venezia

Amy Carpenter, obtained a BA in Genealogy from BYU in 2017.  She researches and lectures professionally, specializing in both the American South and Filipino research.

Grant Din, MA, has specialized in Asian American research for over thirty-five years and is a board member of CGS.

Michael D. Lacopo, DVM, is a professional genealogist whose skills cover a broad range, with specialties in Germanic research, genetic genealogy, social history, and advanced problem-solving.

Eric Leach, is an Asian product manager at FamilySearch, where he is responsible for developing online features in support of Chinese users.

Marisa Louie Lee specializes in Asian American history and federal government records and previously served at the Chinese Historical Society of America and NARA in San Francisco.

Kathleen Moehl, CG, has a degree in Business Administration from San Francisco State University, a Certificate in Genealogical Research from BU, and has attended many institutes.

Carly Lane Morgan, JD, is the writer and designer of Family Tree Notebooks, a worksheet-based organization system for family historians.

Trish Hackett Nicola, CG, specializes in the Chinese Exclusion Act files at NARA in Seattle, women’s history, and Pacific Northwest pioneers.

Linda Harms Okazaki, is a California native, professional genealogist, and speaker who enjoys uncovering family stories.  Much of her work centers around Japanese Americans.

Cindy Thomson, MA,  retired government economist, specializes in multi-ethnic immigration to Hawaii and early Korean immigration to the US, including impacts of government policies toward Asians.

Rick Venezia specializes in twentieth-century immigration research and records.  He is a GRIP, SLIG, IGHR coordinator; TEDx alum; and organizer of Records Not Revenue.