Cooley Family Association of America – Booth #122

April 10th, 2019 by National Genealogical Society Blog Editor

Cooley Family Association of America – Booth #122


Organized in 1936, the Cooley Family Association of America is pledged to commemorate the founding of the Cooley family in America and achievements of its members, to accumulate and preserve the genealogical records of the family, and to search out origins of the family overseas. We also seek to connect interested “Cooley Cousins” around the world. Cooley ancestors are among the settlers and first colonists in New England, arriving as early as 1644!

The Cooley Family Association of America has resources to help all individuals with a Cooley name in their pedigree to research their ancestors.

If you have a Cooley name in your family tree YOU are fortunate! You may have the DNA of some very remarkable and outstanding people. Come by our booth #122 and meet your family. Extensive research has been done on the Cooley name and we are proud of our heritage. We would love to share it with you as well as other items of interest.

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