Your DNA Guide – Booth 129

May 5th, 2017 by National Genealogical Society Blog Editor

There is no question that DNA testing has taken the genealogy world by storm! My name is Diahan Southard and I have spent 15 years exhibiting at genealogy conferences in a DNA related booth and it is remarkable how the questions from attendees have radically changed. It has gone from an incredulous “What?! Are you going to dig up my ancestors?!” to a sincere “OK, so I have these DNA test results, but what do they mean?” Can you identify with one of these questions? Or are you somewhere in the middle? Perhaps you have been able to do a little bit with your DNA test results, but you are looking to do a little more.

That’s where I come in. At Your DNA Guide I can meet you wherever you are — beginner, intermediate, or advanced. I offer three levels of assistance:
1. For those who need something bite-sized and tangible I offer a variety of DNA Quick Sheets. These four page laminated guides are a handy way to get just what you need to know, and nothing more.
2. A subscription to my online video tutorial series. I have created a series of 7-10 minute videos that cover every aspect of DNA testing so you can watch and re-watch just the things that most interest you.
3. Personal DNA Consultations. Sometimes you just need someone to sit down with you and your data to make sense of it all in real time. I offer both 25 and 45 minute sessions where we can meet together online using GoToMeeting. We will pull up your results and I will guide you through the website, answering all of your questions along the way.

Whatever your genetic genealogy needs, I am certain I can help! You can also find me online at