DNA: King Arthur’s Mighty Genetic Lightsaber 

SPECIAL SESSION: T251, DATE & TIME: Thursday, 09 May 2019, 4:15 p.m., LIVESTREAMING

Roberta Estes

Take your personal Excalibur into battle. King Arthur’s got nothing on you, because you’ve kicked your genealogy warrior skills up a notch with the help of your ancestors.

Come and learn about the power of your “Genetic LightSaber” – your very own DNA (and that of your relatives) which has the power to slice through resistant roadblocks. Vanquish those walls. Use the right tool for the challenge at hand.

We will view a range of roadblocks that can be solved by mitochondrial DNA, Y DNA, X DNA, autosomal DNA, and combinations of several techniques. In some cases, we’ll use tools outside the war chest of the testing vendors. Which genetic sword is the real Excaliber depends on the magic your unyielding problem needs!

Well be talking about when to use which tools and how to wield that sword effectively in a session you won’t soon forget.

You might just leave as a Jedi!

BIO: Roberta Estes, author of the popular blog www.DNA-eXplained.com is a scientist, National Geographic Genographic affiliate researcher, and founding pioneer in the genetic genealogy field. She speaks and writes widely about DNA and genealogy, including the Native Heritage Project at www.nativeheritageproject.com.