DNA Track 2022

February 17th, 2022 by Roger Prince

DNA Methodology, Tools and Techniques

There are ten talks in the DNA Track, three by Diahan Southard, two by Pam Ricciardi Paschke, and one each by Diana Elder, AG, Alec Ferretti, MLS and Michael D. Lacopo, DVM.  The additional two talks are by DNA test vendors Ancestry and Familytree DNA.

Southard will discuss the results of a five-company comparison of ethnicity estimates (S404), using DNA to identify unknown ancestors (T214) and why she doesn’t use third-party tools like GEDMATCH (T244).   Paschke will talk about building shared match trees (S424), and a case study about identifying the real grandfather (S454).  Elder will discuss how to use DNA to track an emigrant ancestor from California back to Virginia (T224). Ferretti will discuss how to weed out false-positive DNA matches that occur frequently in endogamous groups (those who only marry within a religion, tribe, or another group) (T204).  Lacopo will cover best practices for contacting DNA matches and getting a response (T254).


Top L. to R. Diahan Southard, Diana Elder AG, Alec Ferretti, MLS, and Michael D. Lacopo

Pam Ricciardi Paschke

Diahan Southard is an international genetic genealogy educator with a blog, courses and workshops at YourDNAGuide.

Diana Elder, AG, is a professional genealogist, accredited in the US Gulf-South Region, ICAPGen commissioner, author of Research Like a Pro:  A Genealogist’s Guide, and podcast host.

Alec Ferretti, MA, MLS, serves on the boards of directors of APG and Reclaim the Records while specializing in Italian genealogy.

Michael D. Lacopo, DVM, is a professional genealogist whose skills cover a broad range, with specialties in Germanic research, genetic genealogy, social history, and advanced problem-solving.

Pam Ricciardi Paschke, CPA speaker, author, and DNA project administrator with over forty years of research experience.  Concentrates on colonial and early US conundrums, mapping, and DNA relationship analysis.