Family Tree DNA — Understanding Y-DNA and DNA Projects

February 25th, 2018 by National Genealogical Society Blog Editor

LECTURE TITLE: Understanding Y-DNA and DNA Projects
TIME & DATE: Saturday, 05 May 2018, 8:00 am

While autosomal DNA dominates genetic genealogy conversations, for those genealogists and family historians who want to trace the origin of a surname, Y-DNA is the best tool for the job. Since the Y chromosome passes from father to son without combining with DNA from other ancestors, Y-DNA tests provide information about one direct line of inheritance. Although the path of inheritance is simple, choosing which test to take can be confusing, and using the results once you have them is not always as straightforward as one would think. That’s where group projects come in.

One of the best ways to enhance your DNA research is to join a group project, specifically a Family Tree DNA group project. For Y-DNA testers, surname projects, haplogroup projects, and even geographical projects can provide context and clues about a genetic paternal line. Volunteer administrators run group projects, and the project gives administrators tools to analyze data that may lead to determining relationships and origins of Y lines. Projects allow testers to pool resources and share information which they might otherwise not be able to access.

In this talk, Janine Cloud will review Y chromosomal DNA and discuss its utility in genealogical research, along with the various types of tests available. She will look at what DNA group projects are, how they can benefit your research, and which ones you should join. If you are investing in DNA testing for genealogy and want to maximize your investment, this talk will provide you with guidance on Y-DNA testing and show you how group projects can help you achieve your research goals.

ABOUT: Janine Cloud is a fifth-generation Texan and registered member of the Cherokee Nation. She began working at Family Tree DNA in 2011 as an information specialist, answering customer phone calls and emails. After a stint as Customer Service Manager, she established and built the Group Projects Team which assists project administrators and members alike.

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