French-Canadian Migration into the Midwest and Beyond

March 21st, 2018 by National Genealogical Society Blog Editor

TITLE: French-Canadian Migrations Out of Québec
TIME & DATE: Thursday, 03 May 2018, 11 a.m.

French-Canadians were key to the settlement of the Great Lakes, Midwest, and beyond. Traveling in groups, French-Canadians left records through their unique notarial systems, church records, land, military, and community information. The settlement of New France beginning in the early 1600s to information in the early 1900s will be discussed.

This session offers information about resources for tracing ancestors back into Québec, as well as many locations outside Québec where key French-Canadian settlements developed in the United States and westward in Canada. Online resources make research easier but are not comprehensive. French-Canadian genealogical societies, repertoires, and surname indexes that lead researchers to Québec parishes will be covered.

Beginners will learn movements of settlements, and how to take steps to find where their ancestor came from in Québec. More advanced researchers will learn about additional tools.  Settlement locations included New England, the Great lakes, and westward into Washington, California, and western areas of Canada. The lecture will cover finding census information, indexes, migration trails, and groups in the unique settlements around North America. Additionally, a compiled list of researchers and surnames they are studying will be provided so contacts can be made after the workshop.

Note: Judy is also presenting “Native, First Nations, Indian: Research Indigenous Peoples,” on Friday (F354, 4:00 p.m.). She is willing to speak over tea or a meal by pre-arrangement.

ABOUT: Judy Nimer Muhn has been researching her family tree from the age of 12, specializing in French-Canadian, Acadian, Native American and Michigan research. Beginning as a professional genealogist in Europe in 1993, she has lectured around the world, served a variety of genealogical societies,  and provided professional research services. Judy’s company, Lineage Journeys, focuses on sharing resources via Facebook on or her website at