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April 24th, 2017 by National Genealogical Society Blog Editor

Who We Are
Since 2012, has been the world’s largest family history research firm. We have over 1,500 professional genealogists working in over 3,000 locations worldwide, including subject matter experts such as scientists, private investigators, historians, scholars, and professors.

Services We Provide
We specialize in:
• Breaking down brick walls and solving family history challenges
• Strengthening and extending family trees
• Establishing proof required to join lineage societies
• Tracing and identifying bloodlines, such as Native American
• Obtaining copies of original documents
• Analyzing DNA test results

Success Factor 1: Knowledge of Available Records
Our researchers know what records are available, where, and glean as much information as possible, including the over 90% of family history records that are not online.

Success Factor 2: On-Site Research
We are not limited to the resources of just a few archives. When a record is needed, we can obtain, regardless of location, in most cases within 48 hours.

Success Factor 3: Customized Research
We customize the amount of research according to your needs. Your goals, your budget, your objectives, your research package. Find a lower price elsewhere, and we will beat it.

Success Factor 4: Collaborative Approach
Our genealogists work together to bring you the expertise you need in the location you need. Simply submit your request and we will ensure that you receive the best results possible.

Success Factor 5: Quality Deliverables
We provide a detailed research calendar/log documenting our research, a report that presents our findings, and everything we find. Our deliverables are reviewed by two or more genealogists before they are sent, ensuring the highest quality possible.

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