Historic Journals – Booth 229

April 27th, 2017 by National Genealogical Society Blog Editor

Index Your Ancestors’ Diaries, Journals, Letters, and More
On the Historic Journals website, you can work together with family members (or other people) to share, transcribe, index, or tag the diaries, letters, photos, and other records of your ancestors. If you know of a biography or family book that you can’t post due to copyright restrictions, just add information about how to find it. Or, create web links to documents that are in online collections. Quickly check your entire family tree to see if anyone else has uploaded documents written by (or about) your ancestors, or if your ancestors have been tagged in documents written by people who knew them.

Find or Share Audio and Video
Have you made audio or video recordings of interviews with family members about their lives and memories? Or about the lives of your ancestors? You can share those either publicly or privately, just like you can with documents.

Genealogy Tools
Try our interactive map and fan chart that displays up to 15 generations at a time, making it easy to find ancestors who are missing or need more information.

New Technologies
We are working hard to develop new technologies that make family history and genealogy easier and more fun. Some of the new features will be ready to show you this year at NGS 2017, so make sure to stop by and see us at the Historic Journals booth (#229), or visit us at hjournals.com