L² Innovations – Booth #716

May 1st, 2019 by National Genealogical Society Blog Editor

L² Innovations  (www.lsquaredinnovations.com) – Booth #716, Lori Lee Sauber, Owner

Lori Lee Sauber

The L2Scrollio® features a variety of family history charts digitally printed on archive-quality fabric. Each end of the fabric chart is attached to a self-retracting roller, creating a family tree scroll. Write and erase family history data directly on the fabric surface in your own hand with erasable pens. The L2Scrollio is the creative solution to many common problems experienced by researchers today. 14″ x 56” extended.

* Travel Buddy: Compact and lightweight enough to fit in a backpack. Hand sewn carry bag included.

* Editable: Each Research Kit includes 2 special erasable pens, black & blue. Write anywhere on the fabric. Erase easily without smudges, abrasion marks, or special tools.

* Low-Tech: Have an Index of family data at hand even when visiting the most remote historical museum without internet access. No laptop to protect while you go grab a book off the library shelf.

* Archival-Quality: Digital textile printing on polyester poplin fabric provides an archival-quality product. Create a Family Legacy without the added expense of archival paper printing.

* Space Saver: Work in tight spaces like library desks. Simply extend the scroll to just the “window” of the design you want to work on.

BIO: Lori Lee Sauber is a professional genealogist and inventor of the L2Scrollio®. She created the L2Scrollio® based on her desire to help family researchers stay organized and work with data in a visual manner. Lori Lee authors a Blog on www.lsquaredinnovations.com focused on her travels to genealogy conferences and events far and wide.

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