MemoryWeb Photo App – Booth 432

April 21st, 2018 by National Genealogical Society Blog Editor

MemoryWeb is the photo app that brings generations of photos together in one place, creates interactive connections between them, and preserves back-of-the-photo details forever – inside and outside the app. With MemoryWeb you can easily gather, edit, navigate and export (G.E.N.E.) all your photos with metadata.

Gather: Import photos and metadata directly from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, iOS Photos, FamilySearch, Dropbox, Google Drive, Desktop Computers (Mac and Windows). Here’s a chart of the details that come into MemoryWeb from each photo source:

Edit: Our platform automatically adds tags to photos using existing file metadata such as date and location, and also lets you add your own tags and/or edit incorrect details, such as a scan date vs. an actual date. You can learn more about editing here:

Navigate: Inside the app, photo detail tags (dot-tags) are interactive, searchable and also organize photos into groups of related photos. This includes organizing all photos tagged to a person into a profile that shows all albums, locations, photos and family relations. You can learn more about navigating your photos here:

Export: When photos are exported or shared, metadata details are automatically embedded inside the picture file and can also be added to the front of the photo so the story travels in multiple ways. Learn more about how tags travel here:
• Metadata embedding (we call this file DNA):
• Metadata imprinting (we call this a memory stamp):

Currently available for iOS (iPhone and iPad), MemoryWeb will be rolling out a website version of the app in early 2018.