MyHeritage – Booth 200

April 23rd, 2018 by National Genealogical Society Blog Editor


Since its founding, MyHeritage has always focused on helping people uncover their family history by developing the most advanced technologies and gathering the most robust data available. First came the family tree platform, enabling users to share their knowledge with relatives and to search for new information in historical databases. Next came matching capabilities, revealing connections between family trees; this technology was later also applied to the records collections, revealing new information from historical records that matches individuals in the family tree. MyHeritage’s unique translation and transliteration capabilities followed, allowing users to enjoy useful discoveries no matter the language of the source material.

The next arena for MyHeritage is applying all of this technological innovation and genealogical expertise to the possibilities presented by DNA testing.

Today, MyHeritage is a leading home DNA testing brand, offering a high quality, affordable swab test kit and results with incredible genealogical value. Ethnicity Estimates reveal a breakdown of global ancestral origins from among 42 ethnicities. DNA Matching uncovers previously unknown relatives and allows users to connect and collaborate on their family history research. DNA Matches show the estimated degrees of relationship to help establish a relationship path between individuals in the family tree. As a genealogy company at our core, we are constantly finding new ways to integrate our DNA product with our research and family tree tools, resulting in synergy for beginner family history enthusiasts and experienced genealogists alike.

Visit MyHeritage at Booth 200 and take a free raffle ticket for a chance to win a DNA kit or a MyHeritage subscription. We will also have a show special of 50% off all subscriptions and discounted DNA kits. Our experts will also be on hand to answer your questions, assist with uploading DNA results, and to demonstrate our products and services. You can also be first in line to receive our latest updates by subscribing to our social media channels below.

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