NGS 2020 DNA Classes

January 20th, 2020 by Valerie Elkins

DNA and Genetic Genealogy Research is BIG!

Blaine Bettinger, Ph.D., J.D., a professional genealogist who specializes in DNA evidence, will be at the National Genealogical Society (NGS) 2020 Family History Conference, May 20-23, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Blaine is always a favorite speaker, with his clear explanations and teaching style, he makes the complex science of DNA much more understandable. Blaine empowers students on how to use DNA successfully for genealogical research.

Blaine Bettinger    Ph.D., J.D.

When Blaine was asked about the first genealogical conference he attended Blaine responded, “There are two things I remember most about that first genealogy conference; the people and the educational opportunities…I met and became friends with so many genealogists at that first conference, and those friendships remain today. After that first conference, I was hooked. The ability to meet new people, see old friends, and learn about so many different topics is unparalleled. I love going to conferences, primarily now as a social event perhaps but also to share my love of genealogy and to pick up new ideas, methodologies, and topics from lecturers.”

Blaine Bettinger at NGS 2020 Family History Conference

Blaine will be presenting:

  • Being a Responsible and Ethical Genealogist in the Twenty-First Century
  • What If? Learning About DNA Through Case Studies – Blaine will be using bite-size examples to show how DNA can be used to explore a genealogical question
  • Workshop: Advanced Chromosome Mapping Using DNA Painter Workshop
  • UGA sponsored luncheon presentation:  Success Stories Using DNA

Blaine says, “These are all brand new talks that have never been seen before, so I’m really excited about sharing them.”

NGS 2020 Family History Conference is Offering Other DNA Classes too!

  • Pursuing Pilgrims – Identifying the DNA Signatures of Mayflower Passengers by Janine Cloud
  • Developing a DNA Testing Plan to Through Your Brick Walls by Kathryn Moore, AG
  • What’s New at Ancestry – new tools and features on Ancestry to help with DNA by Crista Cowan
  • Techniques for Building Genetic Networks to Find Your Ancestors by Angie Bush, MS
  • Cutting Edge DNA – What’s So Big About Big Y-DNA Testing? by Skip Duett
  • MyHeritage Advanced Features and Technologies  – new MyHeritage innovations to explore DNA results by Daniel Horowitz
  • Tech Tools for Diagramming Complex Relationships in Cluster and DNA Research by Nicole Dyer
  • Theory of Family Relativity & Auto Cluster: How They Can Help Us by Daniel Horowitz

Come and Learn How DNA Can Help You Break Through Your Brick Walls!