Going Virtual with the Next Generation:  Involving Younger People in Your Virtual Meetings – Daniel Earl

Daniel Earl

Session Number: NGS2105-GV-03

Track: Going Virtual!

SPONSOR: VIVID-PIX, Ancestry, and Family Tree Maker

Having seen the value of virtual meetings, this session will look at how to both attract and engage younger genealogists in your virtual meetings.

As a teacher and father of six, Dan gets to work with younger people every day. In this Focus on Societies session, Dan will help society leaders understand how younger people can benefit their society. The session will cover how younger people think and behave. This information will help attendees come up with ideas on inviting younger people to their meetings and leveraging the skills of those who are already attending. This session will be interactive and will encourage those joining to pause and think about proactive changes their societies could make to create an atmosphere inviting for younger people.

All society leaders and anyone with young people in their lives whom they would like to help get started in genealogy would benefit from this session. Dan will be discussing how people develop across the lifespan and that information is valuable not just to society leaders, but parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles too!

The Friday, May 21 program will consist of three breakout time frames. Each breakout will have a choice of four sessions followed by Q&A allowing for speaker interaction through the chat. Every conference attendee can choose one of the four sessions for each breakout. All breakout sessions will be available on-demand on the playbackngs.com website.


BIO:  Dan is a professional researcher and popular educator based near Lansing, Michigan. He is the president of the Virtual Genealogical Association and serves on the board of several local genealogical societies. When not doing genealogy, he is a high school teacher and an award-winning fiction writer.


The Virtual NGS 2021 Focus on Societies all-day program launches 21 May

The National Genealogical Society (NGS) recognizes that genealogical societies, historical societies, and family organizations are the backbone of the genealogy community and are an important source of information and knowledge for budding family historians. The #NewNGS is the place to share the successes of genealogy societies and launch a new era of collaboration to make our community even stronger and support all families in search of their personal stories.

The NGS Family History Conference is the perfect opportunity to collaborate and learn more about how to build a stronger society or organization. Focus on Societies, Friday, 21 May, is a full day of lectures centered on sharing best practices, building leadership, attracting new members, planning online meetings and events, developing newsletters and other publications, and more.

See the Program Brochure for more details on the all-day program. Gather together to share, learn, and build skills that will enrich your organization and engage your members.

To learn more about the NGS 2021 Virtual Family History Conference’s week-long events, 17-21 May, visit the conference and download a copy of the program brochure.