Finding Good Material for Society Newsletters – Deb Cyprych

Deb Cyprych

Session Number:  NGS2105-CM-01

Track:  Communication to Members


Looking for interesting, informative articles on a regular basis? Trying to get more people to help? This session for newsletter editors and society officers will demonstrate ways to make the process of finding good material more productive and satisfying.

An editorial focus on the society’s geographic region, extended family, or ethnic group—rather than general information—is the key to unlocking relevant, useful, and appealing research guidance for the members of the community served by the newsletter. This focus provides a framework for the creation of ideas, the recruitment of contributors, and the evaluation of articles.

In this session, Deb Cyprych will present the methods of generating good content she has developed during twenty-five years of editing genealogical newsletters, concluding with recommendations based on the guidelines of the NGS Newsletter Competition.

Come to learn some tricks of the trade and come away thinking of your newsletter and your role as editor in entirely new ways.

The Friday, May 21 program will consist of three breakout time frames. Each breakout will have a choice of four sessions followed by Q&A allowing for speaker interaction through the chat. Every conference attendee can choose one of the four sessions for each breakout.


BIO: Deb Cyprych has been the editor of NGS Magazine for the past five years. Previously she edited a family association’s newsletter, a county genealogical society’s newsletter, and a state society’s magazine. Deb is the publications director of the Hamilton County (Ohio) Genealogical Society.


The Virtual NGS 2021 Focus on Societies all-day program launches 21 May

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