Identifying the 1714 and 1717 Germanna Colonists of Frontier Virginia – Cathi Clore Frost and Barbara Price

SESSION: NGS2104-SP-11 TRACK: Virginia

SPEAKERS: Cathi Clore Frost and Barbara Price

SPONSORED BY: Germanna Foundation

Serious research of the Germanna Colonists and their association with Lt. Gov. Alexander Spotswood has been going on for over a century. Barb and Cathi have combined past research with new discoveries to form a structured analysis of which Germanna Colonists should be assigned to the 1714 and 1717 groups. Learn what documents have been found to date recorded in Virginia, during the layover in England, and back in Germany.

This presentation will focus on domestic and foreign resources used by Barb and Cathi in their research of the Germanna Colonists and is for genealogists of all skill levels. With tens of thousands of Germanna descendants now scattered across the country, learning more about the history of the first organized group of German settlers in Virginia will aid professionals who may find those descendants among their clients now or in the future. Descendants and others with an interest will appreciate the variety of documents used to tell the Germanna story as Barb and Cathi attempt to “leave no stone unturned”.

BIO: Cathi Clore Frost and Barbara Price serve as volunteer genealogists for the Germanna Foundation. With over twenty years of experience each, their research and writing focus on the interconnected families of the Germanna Colonies, those that joined them in Colonial Virginia, and the diaspora across the expanding nation to the present.

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