NGS 2021 Speaker Spotlight – Eric G. Grundset

March 24th, 2021 by Teresa Kelley

Eric G. Grundset to Present at NGS 2021 Live!

Virginia’s Anglican/Episcopal Church Parishes and Their Surviving Records

Eric G. Grundset

Eric G. Grundset, MLS

Session: NGS2104–LV–07 DATE & TIME: Thursday, 20 May, 12:15 p.m.

Eric Grundset began researching his family ancestry in the late 1970s when he “inherited” the work of a great-aunt from Richmond, Virginia. As such, it’s understandable he has a special interest and understanding of Virginia records.

Church records are an often overlooked (sometimes avoided) resource in genealogy. It can be difficult to identify an ancestor’s religious affiliation, locate the appropriate records, and then gain access to them. It need not be so, however, and time spent locating and accessing these records is often richly rewarded.

From 1619 until the end of the American Revolution, the Church of England (Anglican/Episcopal) was the official state religion in Virginia. Colonial Anglican parishes did not just provide guidance for eternal salvation. They also performed important social-welfare services in the earthly existence of their members and played a major role in their social lives. Their records are essential genealogical sources.

Knowing where and what records survive can make the research task much easier. Many early Anglican parish registers were lost but those surviving along with extant vestry books are well documented. Many of the colonial registers and vestry books have been published with indexes, fewer of the later ones have been. Not all transcriptions in these publications are accurate, however, and sometimes information was omitted. It’s important to consult the original record when it survives.

BIO: Eric G. Grundset, MLS, is a former director of the DAR Library in Washington, D.C. Recognized as a Virginia expert, he has lectured since 1980 at numerous NGS, FGS, VGS, and other conferences. Author of numerous articles in genealogical publications, Eric enjoys seeking out and transcribing unusual Virginia records. He has edited volumes on Virginia record abstracts, atlases, and many of the American Revolution source guides published by the DAR. He is the author of Research in Virginia (3rd ed.), the NGS Research in the States guide to Virginia research.

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