NGS 2022 Speaker Spotlight – Judy Russell

April 13th, 2022 by Roger Prince

The Legal Genealogist Will Give Four Talks at Sacramento—Judy Russell

SESSION: W117  TRACK: Records and Repositories  TITLE:  Las Leyes de California: Spanish Colonial Laws and the Records They Produced

SESSION: T251  TRACK: BCG Skillbuilding                 TITLE:  Margaret’s Mother:  Using DNA to Solve a Mystery

SESSION: F325  TRACK: Methodology                         TITLE:  What’s in a Name:  Name Changes and the Law

SESSION: S455  TRACK: Methodology                          TITLE:  Linking Generations:  Using Court and Land Records

Judy Russell, a lawyer and genealogist, is always a popular speaker at Genealogy Conferences.  The Legal Genealogist will give four talks at this year’s annual conference.

Given the theme of this year’s conference and its location in California, Judy’s first talk  will cover Spanish law in colonial California prior to 1850 and the lasting influence the Spanish legal system had on the state of California’s  early laws and records.  Her second talk is a case study using DNA and will be given as part of the BCG Skill building track.   Talk number three will tackle the long standing myth of Ellis Island name changes and give us the details of where in the American legal system those family surname changes actually occurred.  Finally, Judy will talk about the invaluable information often hidden in Land and Court Records that can help sort out family relationships, when vital records are missing.

Judy, who taught law at Rutgers for many years,  is well known for both her excellent delivery and for the unusual and unique insights she brings to genealogical research due to her legal background and training.  You won’t want to miss her talks.  And be sure to check out her blog and lecture schedule at