NGS 2022 Speaker Spotlight – Michael Lacopo

May 16th, 2022 by Roger Prince

Genealogical Thinking, Contacting DNA Matches & Recent Immigrant Ancestors–Michael Lacopo

SESSION: W123  TRACK: Immigration      TITLE: Researching Recent Immigrant Ancestors in Regional Repositories

SESSION: T254    TRACK:  DNA                   TITLE:  Hi! We’re Related!–Successful Communication With Your DNA Matches

SESSION:  S425   TRACK: Methodology     TITLE:  Becoming a Genealogical Thinker Instead of a Genealogical Collector

Michael Lacopo is a professional genealogist and lecturer who specializes in German research, Mid-Atlantic American research, genetic genealogy, social history, and advanced problem-solving. He is author of the blog “Hoosier Daddy?” which narrates his own compelling genealogical journey.

Lacopo is presenting three lectures in Sacramento. The first is in the Immigration track and covers the broad set of records available for recent immigrants, which go beyond ship passenger lists and naturalization records. On Thursday, he tackles the often fraught subject of how to contact and successfully engage with DNA matches that you receive from testing companies. On Saturday, he is giving a talk on how to be more successful in your genealogical research by thinking like a genealogist and not like a digital data collector.

Online, pre-registration for Sacramento is now closed. Registration reopens May 23 onsite in Sacramento.