NGS 2023 Speaker Spotlight—Miriam Weiner, CG

April 3rd, 2023 by Teresa Kelley


Miriam is the author of Jewish Roots in Poland and Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova, both of which have been honored with international writing awards.  For more than thirty years, she has focused her work in Poland and the former Soviet Union, making three to four trips to Eastern Europe each year where she has formed strong relationships with the various archives, which have cooperated with her in identifying Jewish and civil documents and giving her permission to publish/update that data in her books and at the Routes to Roots Foundation website. She is a pioneer in that she was the first to gain access to former Soviet archives and produce a town-by-town inventory of Jewish and civil records that survived the Holocaust. In cooperation with the foregoing archives, this material was originally published in the above books and is now available in a searchable database on her website at recently, Miriam has created two new databases for the above website:  A standard surname search and an OCR search from her collections, now in excess of three million names; about eighty percent of this data cannot be found elsewhere online.
Session Number: F215
Title: Jewish Genealogy in the “Old Country”—
New Collections and Where to Find Them
This lecture will be a “walk through” of the above new material and more plus the opportunity towards the end of the lecture to “go live” and for Miriam to take ancestral town-name search requests from attendees and then do the search “live” during the presentation.

Attendees at this presentation will receive a 50+ page color handout, bound and on glossy paper, updated from last year’s handout in Sacramento.

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