ProStamm – Booth 519 & 521

May 5th, 2017 by National Genealogical Society Blog Editor

NEW in 2017 – we are excited to introduce:

ProStamm, a unique, cloud based indexing genealogy program that organizes, manages, and presents family genealogical information and EVENTS.

Your family will be able to create EVENT folders and upload documents and photographs that would otherwise never be seen. They will be able to see and comment on every document and every photograph that you have on every person in your family record – from anywhere in the world. This will encourage them to become proactive and help promote the accuracy and growth of your family record.

ProStamm uploads GEDCOM files and automatically assigns a Unique ID to everyone in the file. Even documents and photographs get assigned a Unique ID so that you can track where and how often someone has been identified or tagged. No need to wait until you get to your home computer to view, modify, or add to your family record. You can access the Prostamm program from anywhere in the world – from any computer.

Designed to be user friendly, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to navigate through the different features. And you can generate a variety of reports, pedigree charts, and family trees, as well as personal and event presentations such as Christmases past, family reunions, graduations, and weddings – all those photographs and documents that you’ve saved but which few have ever seen – BUT should.

With ProStamm, you’ll never again purchase and install another genealogy program. Because it resides on a dedicated CLOUD server with an industry standard SSL certificate, it protects your valuable information. Never again worry about program incompatibilities, back-ups, or computer crashes. This century’s most innovative, impressive, and stimulating genealogy program! Visit us at, and NGS Booth 519 & 521.