ResearchTies – Booth 218

April 25th, 2018 by National Genealogical Society Blog Editor

Booth 218

ResearchTies(tm) is a one-of-a-kind, online genealogy research log. Use the power of a computer to record goals, plan research, generate your “to do” lists, and upload digital documents or create online links. A multi-variable search engine will assist in locating any entry within seconds. Why struggle with paper print-outs, handwritten forms, sorting lengthy spreadsheets, or using your time to adapt a generic tool to the genealogical field?

ResearchTies has been designed specifically for genealogists and family historians. It is particularly programmed to follow the genealogy research process and to provide the functionality needed for our specific field.

If you choose to share your research online, ResearchTies has been designed to add sources and document links to FamilySearch® Family Tree with only two clicks. All the information needed for Family Tree is recorded in the log—no need to type it again. Collaborating with other researchers is possible through inviting other subscribers to share a log, and digital PDF logs can be emailed to anyone in the world. Hyperlinks to the documents remain active because the digital images are stored in the cloud. Therefore, they can be opened by anyone with whom you choose to share a log report. Share digital documents of all kinds, including photo collections.

Does your society have a group research project? Contact us at and learn how your society can receive a free subscription. All collaborators, no matter where they live and work, can add to and see the research of all other workers on the project.

ResearchTies is easy to use for the novice, yet powerful enough for the professional. Search and sort all objectives, searches, results, and to-do’s within seconds. Come learn how research logs and ResearchTies can help you become a more effective and efficient researcher, as well as put you on the road to an organized, paperless office.

Our website is and during the NGS Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan, come visit with us at vendor booth 218. We look forward to seeing you at the conference!