The Benefits of an Online Genealogy Organizational System – Jill Crandell

March 7th, 2019 by National Genealogical Society Blog Editor

The Benefits of an Online Genealogy Organizational System

SESSION: W159, TIME & DATE: Wednesday, 4:00 pm

SPONSOR: ResearchTiesTM

Jill Crandell, MA, AG®

The need to be methodical and efficient causes many of us to struggle as we seek the best method to record research and retrieve our documents. Research logs of the past have not met our needs.  ResearchTiesTM is an online program that is designed to be a quality research planner and log. By linking in digital images of documents, it also becomes a filing system with immediate retrieval.

Jill Crandell conducted client research for many years and has also taught family history classes at the university level for fifteen years. Since all client and student projects require research logs, she has used and evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of multiple methods of organizing genealogical research.Attendees will learn how the latest technology helps us to organize our many tasks, facilitate the research process, and support genealogy standards.

Any researcher, beginner or professional, will benefit from the use of a quality research log. Learn to log quickly, file easily, and retrieve documents instantly. It is possible to enjoy the process of logging and planning research!

ResearchTiesTM will have a booth in the vendor hall where attendees will be able to ask questions and see additional demonstrations of this product. Come to booth #514 to visit with Jill and get answers to your specific questions.

BIO: Jill N. Crandell, MA, AG® is accredited in Midwest U.S. research and holds an MA in history and a BA in family history. She is an assistant teaching professor at Brigham Young University and the director of the BYU Center for Family History and Genealogy. She is also the developer of ResearchTiesTM.