Thomas W. Jones, PhD, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA (but probably needs no introduction)

April 14th, 2017 by National Genealogical Society Blog Editor

Tom Jones has been pursuing his ancestry since 1963. For the first twenty-five years he was clueless about what he was trying to accomplish and how to do it.

When he started climbing the genealogy learning curve he repeatedly experienced the challenges, joys, and rewards of tracing ancestors reliably and fully understanding their lives. Tom eventually became an award-winning writer, board-certified genealogist, editor of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, recipient of honors from genealogical organizations,and author of the textbook Mastering Genealogical Proof. Using his nearly lifelong career in education as a springboard, he enjoys teaching at week long genealogy institutes, weekend seminars, and local, national, and international genealogy conferences.

Tom’s four presentations at the Raleigh conference grew out of his half-century of research experience and teaching.

W153, Planning Reasonably Exhaustive Research, 4 pm, Wednesday, 10 May 2017. How to develop simple plans for systematic, thorough, and effective research.

F351, “Converting a Bunch of Information into a Credible Conclusion,” 4 pm, Friday, 12 May 2017. Demonstrates how to convert disparate research findings into evidence, assess it, organize it into a provable conclusion, and defend it in writing.

S427, “Genealogical Documentation: The What, Why, Where, and How,” 11 am, Saturday, 13 May 2017. Why and how to document research plans, notes, and finished products.

S431, “Citing Your Sources: Comedy or Tragedy?” 12 pm Saturday, 13 May 2017. At the NGS luncheon Tom takes a light-hearted look at documentation and the genealogical phenomenon known as “citation anxiety.” (Advance Registration required – $32.00)