Tyrrell County (NC) Genealogical and Historical Society – Booth 118

May 1st, 2017 by National Genealogical Society Blog Editor

The Tyrrell County Genealogical and Historical Society, located at booth 118, was formed in 1995 for the purpose of maintaining an association of persons interested in the genealogical and historical information associated with Tyrrell County, North Carolina, and the surrounding area, and to promote the genealogy and history of that area.

The Society meets 10 times per year (January through October), and publishes monthly newsletters, as well as a yearly journal. We have published volumes of obituary records from Walker Funeral Home, a family Bible records book, several volumes of transcriptions of Federal Census records pertaining to Tyrrell County, and several volumes of deed abstract books. One of our largest and proudest achievements is the November Group, which honors those 90 years or older, who were born in or live in Tyrrell County. We honor the seniors with a yearly reception, and to date have conducted over 14 video interviews, which are available for viewing at the public library in Columbia, the county seat.

Tyrrell County is in the northeastern area of the state, and many of the earliest settlers of that area migrated from southeastern Virginia. Formed in 1729, its mother counties are Bertie, Chowan, Currituck and Pasquotank. In turn, Tyrrell County was a contributing county to the formations of Martin and Dare Counties, and the mother county of Washington County.

While the Society isn’t offering any specials or discounts during the conference, we hope that everyone will stop by the booth, even if it’s just to visit. We love talking about the county and the families that settled there, and you just might find that you and our booth volunteers are related as many of us have ancestors who were in North Carolina before 1700.