What’s in a name? (Hint: $100)

Large question markLet’s face it. “Zoom room host” is a booooring title. We need something with more panache. More personality. More flair.

So let’s come up with something, shall we?

Welcome to the Zoom Host Naming Contest!

  • Enter as many times as you like.
  • Avoid names that are in use or have been used before (ex: Hive Minder, Zoomies, Zoom Keepers, etc.)

And what’s in it for you? How ’bout a $100 credit good for NGS courses and/or books? Sweeeeet.

The timeline

  • 24 Feb … Contest form opens here
  • 08 Mar … Contest form closes
  • 09-10 Mar … Kristi, Gena, and Cinda will sort through your brilliant ideas, taking on the monumental task of narrowing them down to the top three (yes, “brilliant” and “monumental” set the bar high, but hey, we know how creative some of those genealogical minds are)
  • 11 Mar … Public voting opens for the top three selections
  • 18 Mar … Voting closes
  • 19 Mar … One lucky winner finds $100 NGS credit in their virtual pocket

Here’s a link to the entry form. Go get ’em, you creative genius, you!