Reminder: Zoom host naming contest ends in one week

Large question markDid it slip your mind amidst the hustle and bustle of RootsTech? We’re already halfway through the contest period for a new Zoom room host moniker.

As a reminder:

Zoom Host Naming Contest!

  • Enter as many times as you like.
  • Avoid names that are in use or have been used before (ex: Hive Minder, Zoomies, Zoom Keepers, etc.)

Prize: $100 credit good for NGS courses and/or books

Where we are as of today:

  • Today … Only 30 submissions thus far (great odds for those who have been sitting on the sidelines in “pondering mode”)
  • 08 Mar … Contest form closes
  • 09-10 Mar … Kristi, Gena, and Cinda will narrow submissions to top three
  • 11 Mar … Public voting opens to select the best one
  • 18 Mar … Voting closes
  • 19 Mar … The lucky winner finds $100 NGS credit in their virtual pocket

Here’s a link to the entry form. We can’t wait to see what your creative minds come up with.