Did you sign up for a shared room in Pittsburgh?

Two skeleton keys on ribbonsEveryone’s excited about returning to “summer camp for genealogists” (as Judy Russell puts it), including all of us behind the scenes. That enthusiasm overflowed into roommate selections, as registered attendees began emailing roommate names to the NGS office.

We adore you. We adore your enthusiasm. But…we’re struggling to fall in love with the growing stack of emails coming from hither and yon.

We’ll be launching a roommate matching form in the next week or two where the task can be more easily managed and less likely to find a sneaky little crack to slip through (like I said, “a growing stack of emails”). When ready, we’ll post the link in both Facebook groups plus email registrants who purchased a shared room. The link might show up here too, but first we need to assure that won’t throw the doors open to spammers.

So sit back and enjoy the calm; we’ll be hustling and bustling over summer camp soon.