Call for Proposals – GRIP Genealogy Institute 2025


What is GRIP?

GRIP Genealogy Institute is “the” event for genealogists and family historians who want to develop their skills while meeting new friends in a collegial and collaborative community. GRIP provides comprehensive week-long instruction on a variety of genealogical topics. This in-depth format offers students an immersive education experience designed to advance their research skills.

To learn more about NGS’s GRIP Genealogy Institute, see our website:

Proposing a Course

The National Genealogical Society invites proposals for innovative and unique courses to be included in  GRIP Genealogy Institute (GRIP) 2025. GRIP conducts two sessions annually, one virtually in June and the other in-person in July at LaRoche University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Courses for 2025:

  • GRIP Virtual week 23-27 June 2025 via Zoom.
  • GRIP In-person week 13-18 July 2025 at LaRoche University

We seek creative proposals on various topics such as advanced methodology, genealogical records, ethnic groups, geographic areas, DNA, writing, and more. These courses should enhance students’ skills and knowledge through comprehensive learning experiences, catering to individuals across all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

We encourage course proposals that offer unique perspectives or incorporate elements exclusive to the GRIP learning environment. We also encourage hands-on learning approaches or modules resembling workshop experiences, provided they can be completed using student laptops or within the classroom model.

Each course should consist of eighteen 75-minute class sessions. This includes four sessions daily (Monday – Thursday) and two sessions on Friday, including any labs and consultations. Additionally, 30-minute enhancement or homework sessions can be used each day.

The window for 2025 Course proposals is 02 April 2024 – 24 May 2024  

Are you new to coordinating, or do you have questions about the process, content, or expectations? Gena Philibert-Ortega and Kristi L. Sexton, the co-managers of GRIP, will be hosting a Q&A session for those interested in submitting proposals.  Join us on Monday, April 8th, at 4 PM PT/7 PM ET. To attend this meeting, please register at GRIP Proposals 2025

Submit GRIP proposals using the GRIP 2025 Proposals Google Form.


Timeline for Coordinator and Faculty members:

Date Item
24 May 2024 Proposal deadline for 2025.
07 June 2024 Notification of proposal status.
08 Jul 2024 Contracts to coordinators.
Aug 2024 Course schedule for 2025 announced
Sep 2024 Contracts sent to faculty members.


Please submit all questions to



If you are interested in submitting a course proposal, please review the following details to assist in your preparations.

We recommend that each course have a minimum of two instructors to ensure variety in teaching styles and viewpoints and alleviate teaching fatigue.

Please include the following information within your proposal:

  • Course Coordinator
    • Name as it should appear on marketing materials, including any post-nominals.
    • Mailing address, email address, and phone numbers.
    • Short bio (for marketing purposes).
    • Long bio for advisory committee review.
    • Photograph – for marketing purposes.
  • Full Course Title
    • Shorter course title (for marketing purposes).
    • Course objectives (will be published for marketing purposes).
    • Level of instruction: beginner/intermediate/advanced
  • Course Prerequisites (if any)
    • Prerequisites may include previous courses or skillsets necessary for success, such as “students must have a working knowledge of research in archives, courthouses, and libraries” or “students must have DNA tests completed for review within coursework and lab time.”
  • Special course requirements, including but not limited to homework, special labs, or technology support.
  • Detailed Course Schedule (18 sessions – 75 minutes each, including Q&A)
    • Session title.
    • A brief description of the session.
    • Proposed instructor.
    • A brief description of any particular class or lab needs.
    • Include 30-minute enhancement or homework sessions.
  • Instructor Listing (minimum of 2 instructors)
    • Include a short bio for each proposed instructor.
  • Preference, if any, for which week your course should be offered: virtual or in-person.
  • Additional Information:
    • A short narrative of the benefit of the course (value to the field, how it differs from courses offered at other institutes).
    • Have you presented this course before? If so, when and where? (include all listings, individually or for another organization)
    • Will the course be presented elsewhere within the year preceding or following GRIP 2025?